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Logins Gone Wild

Our research reveals significant links between 'account fatigue' and hesitancy to use digital services. In this landscape, how can businesses drive customer engagement?

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The State of Lost Pensions

25% of people have been asked to email personal data by a pension provider. For National Pension Tracing Day, we surveyed our community to understand the state of lost pensions.

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The NHS Cost Of Post

The NHS is spending millions of pounds on print and post while doctors strike and the UK falls behind on its carbon reduction targets. We analysed data from 72 NHS trusts to assess the scale.

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Consumer Email Security

Are consumers aware of the dangers of unsecured email? We shed light on the state of consumer email security behaviour and practices to understand how businesses can help.

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Cyber Risk And Wellbeing

The impact of remote working on wellbeing is having a growing impact on company cybersecurity imperatives. We looked at evidence from 43 sources to understand the state of play.

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Secure Email Usage

How do businesses use secure email? We explored survey results for insight into secure email usage in 2021 to help businesses understand the need to protect their communications.

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