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Secure Email User Report 2021: How Are Customers Using Mailock?

Mailock doesn’t just offer security, it also offers a host of other benefits felt across the business, so it's not a surprise that 8/10 of users would recommend Mailock to people they know.

Why This Report?

A secure outbound email solution is software that protects the sensitive data sent in your emails. It ensures private information held within message contents and any attached documents is defended from cyber threat and human error.

Mailock is a secure email solution. It offers users end-to-end email encryption with authentication challenges to prevent against cyberthreat and human error. Mailock is used by businesses and their clients to ensure private documentation and correspondence remains in the right hands, whether in transit or your mailbox.

In this report, we will explore the results from a recent survey of our customers, gaining further insight into how businesses use Mailock, and what areas within your business could benefit from making email secure.

Our Survey Says...

Here are some quick takeaways from our 2021 user survey:

How do people use Mailock?

  • 61% use Mailock to protect proposal and policy documents
  • 50% use Mailock to keep banking and financial details safe
  • 45% use Mailock to secure anti-money laundering documents

What are the benefits of Mailock?

  • 53% noted increased efficiency of communication
  • 40% recognised a positive environmental impact
  • 37% experienced a reduction of costs for print and post

What do our users' customers think of Mailock?

  • 82% say Mailock makes them feel protected from human error.
  • 70% say when using Mailock, "clients relay excellent feedback".
  • 93% say clients report no critical feedback when communicating.

What Are The Favourite Features?

We asked our users their primary reasons for choosing Mailock. The top two reasons they responded with are:

1. Security

You would expect the main benefit from using a secure email solution to be heightened security for the business, and you’re not wrong. When asking our surveyed users, we discovered that:

43% said that their favourite aspect of Mailock was the security provided to both them and their clients, with 7/10 of their clients relaying excellent or good feedback and 93% with zero issues.

82% agreed that Mailock made them feel protected from human error.

2. Ease-of-Use

When it comes to new products, 70% of senior executives would sacrifice functionality for ease of use, as it affects multiple aspects of a business such as user adoption and productivity.

Luckily, our customers rate ease of use as one of Mailock’s top qualities, describing the process of setting up and utilising the software as easy for both them and their clients.

Types of Document Sent Securely

We asked Mailock customers about the documents commonly used within their industries, and which of them they frequently protect when sending documents to client.Types of documents sent by encrypted secure email in Mailock secure email report

What types of documents are included in "Other"?

  • Account passwords
  • Tax advice and returns
  • Account information
  • Provider illustrations
  • Suitability reports
  • Investment reviews
  • Payslips and P45s
  • ID (e.g., passport)
  • Mortgage offers

Industry Highlight: Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is undergoing massive digital upheaval, with companies seeking to replace legacy software and offer customers safer and more convenient services. Updating their communication offering is a large part of this, and email should be the first step.

We asked our financial services users what documents they protect.

  • 45% regularly protect anti-money-laundering documents
  • 61% regularly protect proposal and policy documents
  • 42% regularly protect investment valuations
  • 50% regularly protect banking details

Features Usage: Are Customers Getting the Most out of Mailock?

We wanted to know what features our customers are using to make sure they're getting the most out of our system. We found that:

  • 92% take advantage of the Mailock Outlook Add-in.
  • 24% of users have added their logo to secure emails.
  • 10% of customers have also created bespoke lists of ‘nudge words’ to ensure they secure particular types of sensitive information.

Business Impact

Mailock doesn’t just offer security, it also offers a host of other benefits felt across the business, so it's not a surprise that 8/10 of users would recommend Mailock to people they know. We found that:

  • 53% said efficiency of communication has increased
  • 40% said they recognise a positive environmental impact
  • 37% said there has been a reduction of print and post costs
  • 11% said they have achieved accelerated operational process
This report was created using data from a 2021 Mailock customer survey conducted by Beyond Encryption. A total of 44 participants in the financial services, accountancy, and biotech industries responded.

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