UK consumers have 119 logins & digital accounts

The state of consumer overwhelm

Our research reveals significant links between 'account fatigue' and hesitancy to use digital services. In this landscape, how can businesses drive customer engagement?

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The Problem

Digital account fatigue

The explosion of digital accounts has led to a significant increase in 'account fatigue,' impacting the way consumers interact with businesses online. This overload not only hampers the adoption of new services but also contributes to a decline in customer portal engagement and satisfaction.

More Digital Accounts Equals Higher Digital Hesitancy

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Tracking portal ROI

Financial services companies and other regulated businesses expect their customer portals to be the driving force behind digital engagement with their base. Yet, the opposite is true - they see engagement falling. In this landscape, they are questioning how to reinvigorate and track portal value.

Customer Portal Engagement Is Low In Financial Services

The numbers

Key findings

We surveyed a thousand UK adults to bring digital overwhelm into focus and gain critical insights on how to combat it.

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119 digital accounts

The average number of digital accounts held by a UK consumer is 119.
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7% prefer portals

Only 7% prefer to receive documents via a portal over post and email.
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50% feel overwhelmed

50% say that they feel overwhelmed by their number of accounts.
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20% reset logins weekly

20% have to request new account passwords on a weekly basis.
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72% are frustrated

72% have felt frustrated at creating an account they will only use once.
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43% hesitant to engage

43% say handling logins impacts their willingness to use online services.
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60% struggle to navigate

60% think pension, mortgage, and insurance portals are difficult to use.
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64% abandon purchases

64% have decided not to purchase because they had to create an account.

The way forward

Driving engagement

It is crucial for portal providers to adopt strategies that consider the landscape in which customers' interactions occur, including:

  • Streamlining access: Using the latest advancements in login technologies.
  • Enhancing communication: Leveraging multiple channels to drive portal use.
  • Offering targeted value: Creating a fair value exchange for portal content.
Account Overwhelm Affects Digital Service Engagement

From the Founder

‘How are we going to make it worth regularly logging into?’

“The way that we design customer portals today should start with ‘how are we going to make it worth regularly logging into?’ – providing just another single-use account won’t engage your base, and it could end up frustrating and annoying your customers.”

Paul Holland CEO & Founder
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To ensure the robustness and reliability of our findings, this report combines data from a large-scale survey of 1,000 UK adults conducted by 3Gem between the 5th and 12th of March 2024, and a targeted qualitative survey among leading providers in the life and pensions sectors. Our methodology employs standardised definitions, and the consumer survey applies quotas to age, gender, and region to guarantee that our sample is representative of the UK adult population.

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