Use Case: Portals

"We need to increase usage of our portal"

Document portals can be costly to develop but are often met with low take up from customers. Mailock drives engagement by delivering to the inbox securely.

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A lack of engagement

Covid-19 accelerated the use of customer portals to deliver sensitive information online. We didn't have time to think 'do my customers actually want a portal?' - we had to act fast. Now, with access to so may online accounts, customers' engagement with them has dropped off. Many companies are looking at better ways to deliver confidential information and elicit a response.

IT department looking at customer portal

Key statistics

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Portal usage

Despite over 77% of consumers having access to at least one portal, engagement is low. The average consumer has over 118 online accounts, and your portal is one of many fighting for their attention.

Customer angry with password problems

A password, a problem

61% of consumers reuse passwords across multiple portals - they're tired of the friction. Pushing another password onto your customers gives them another problem that they didn't ask for.

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Remember email?!

The fact is, we all prefer to receive important communications by email - and we'll respond accordingly. Over 80% of respondents to recent surveys say they would prefer to receive email communications.

We've tamed the world's favourite communication

Mailock secures email, the world's favourite mode of communication, by making sure confidential information is delivered to the right person - only.

Taming the worlds favourite communication


Deliver emails and attachments with robust end-to-end AES-256 encryption.


Authenticate recipients using challenges including email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, and Unipass.


Timestamped audit trails track message opens, clicks, and downloads for proof-of-delivery and recording.

Message revoke

Use admin controls or our API to revoke messages individually/in bulk.

Automated delivery

Deliver automated secure email at volume with full queueing and MI/BI reporting.

Company branding

Customise our portal and notifications for a branded recipient experience.

User experience

Made to connect

Our financial services advantage

Mailock is designed for a closer digital connection - between product providers, platforms, intermediaries, and customers.

In financial services, where we do most of our work, each of these relationships requires a different type of verification, engagement, and compliance. By adapting to these relationships, Mailock doesn't just provide security without compromising user experience, it turns user experience into a security advantage.

Security as an Ecosystem Diagram

The recipient experience


1. Receive

Recipients get a notification email to let them know they have a secure message waiting to be opened. This message can be customised with your company branding or use the familiar Mailock template.

1. Receive

2. Identify

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the notification delivered to their inbox. They’ll answer any challenges that have been set, or if they're trusted, they can open and read right away.

Securing a message with a text

3. Reply

If recipients need to reply to a secure message, they can use Mailock to compose, attach, and reply using their existing email address and account. They'll even get a limited number of secure emails to send.

Secure compose using our web app
1. Receive
Securing a message with a text
Secure compose using our web app

For your business...

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Fully compliant

Comply with FCA/ICO requirements to encrypt sensitive data and record proof-of-delivery.


High response rates

Deliver to the inbox, where your customers will respond. Mailock generates open rates over 80%.


Easy integration

Integrate with Outlook/M365 alongside your CRM, antivirus, and server-side signature tools.


Managed service

Use our managed cloud service or host the Mailock software on-premise with our support.

For your customers...

A secure thread
to your business

Share the power to email securely

It’s not enough to protect information one way only. Mailock makes it easy for clients to reply securely to all your messages, and pass them some free send credits in case they need to deliver sensitive information to others.

couple receiving encrypted email and replying securely

Easy to use

Excellent service as always. Very easy to use. Well done Beyond Encryption!


Excellent service

My query was dealt with efficiently & promptly. You were very patient!


Safe & secure

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out.


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