Use Case: Carbon

Reduce carbon output, deliver mail digitally

Does your paper output reflect your sustainability goals? Deliver information with a 95% reduction in carbon when you switch from postal mail to secure email.

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Road to Net Zero

There is no escaping the fact that we need to change - and soon. To reach the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we need to reduce our reliance on carbon-intensive materials and processes. We evaluated the advantages of taking your confidential document delivery digital in research conducted with Project Rome's Simon Pringle, Associate Fellow Of Chatham House & Professor at Edinburgh University.

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Lower costs

Through our consultancy process, we found that for businesses with high outputs, secure email generates 95% savings on print, pack, and post.


Carbon savings

Taking into account the full lifecycle of paper production and delivery, secure email helps businesses to reduce their carbon impact by over 80%.

270 tonnes of CO2

Results to be proud of

By applying the findings to our existing base, we were able to show our client, Aegon, that it has saved 270 tonnes of CO2 since joining our service in 2019.

What could you save?

Take our 2-minute online assessment to see how much carbon you could save by switching from post to secure email.

Time to change?

Switching a portion of your sensitive document output to secure email is an immediate step towards carbon output reduction, but it's not just the carbon cost that makes tracked post unsuited to sensitive information exchanges. Security, compliance, and efficiency are among the benefits of digital alternatives.

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The true cost of post

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Carbon impact

Every tonne of post generates around 3 tonnes of CO2e & uses around 1,000 tonnes of water to produce.

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Rising costs

Paper costs increased 60% during 2022 while Royal Mail postal delivery costs rose between 10 and 18%.

Delivering a package and letters

Service interruption

Worker strikes and security attacks have left businesses dealing with delays and unhappy customers.

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Legacy inefficiency

In a world of instantaneous communication, post can add days to business-critical processes.

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Security concerns

Anyone handling confidential post can open and read it, compromising any customer data it contains.

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Once information has been posted there's no way to remotely block access to isolate a breach.

Benefit from digital recorded delivery®

Mailock secure email is designed to deliver confidential information digitally, to your customers' inboxes, without compromising security. Reduce your carbon impact and benefit from all the efficiencies of digital communications.

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Deliver emails and attachments with robust end-to-end AES-256 encryption.

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Authenticate recipients using challenges including email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, and Unipass.

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Timestamped audit trails track message opens, clicks, and downloads for proof-of-delivery and recording.
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Message revoke

Use admin controls or our API to revoke messages individually/in bulk.
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MI/BI analytics

Send high-volume batched secure email with full queueing and MI/BI reporting.

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Company branding

Customise our web app and notifications for a branded recipient experience.

For your business...

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Scaled delivery

Deliver high volume secure email with full queueing and no hard ceiling on volume.

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High response rates

Deliver to the inbox, so customers respond. Mailock generates over 80% open rates.

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Easy deployment

Integrate easily with your mail flow or ask your third-party provider about Mailock.

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Managed service

Use our managed cloud service or host the Mailock software on-premise with our support.

For your customers...

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to your business

Share the power to email securely

It’s not enough to protect information one way. Mailock makes it easy for customers to securely reply to your emails.

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Easy to use

Excellent service as always. Very easy to use. Well done Beyond Encryption!

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Excellent service

My query was dealt with efficiently & promptly. You were very patient!

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Safe & secure

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out.

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Next steps

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