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What is Unipass?

Use your Unipass ID with Mailock

Unipass ID is a virtual pass that enables professionals to log on to financial services platforms. If you have a Unipass ID, you can link it to your Mailock account. This will allow you to use it to log in and authenticate yourself.

Link your Unipass ID to Mailock


How does Unipass work?

Unipass is an identity verification system that allows financial services professionals to prove their identity online.

To use Unipass, users must first register their personal and security information, such as their name and date of birth. Once registered, users are issued with credentials, such as a digital certificate or username and passphrase, that they can use to prove their identity.

The specific requirements and types of credentials available to users may vary depending on their organisation type and individual role.

For more information about Unipass ID, visit the Unipass website.

Why use Unipass with Mailock?

Linking your Unipass with your Mailock secure email account enables you to use the same login method that you use on other financial services platforms to verify your identity on the Mailock network.

As Unipass is a professionally registered identity, Mailock users can choose to "trust" users who have linked their Unipass ID, enabling them to use it for email recipient challenges.