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Customers love it!

It allows us to demonstrate to our advisers and to our customers that we take protecting their data seriously.

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Change Manager

A "no brainer"

It’s the ability to send information quickly, easily, and it adds credibility to our proposition. That’s important.

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Compliance Officer

GDPR compliance

We now have full compliance with GDPR and the freedom to send personal data by email. That's really important to us.

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Development Manager

What is Mailock?

Mailock secures emails with advanced encryption and recipient authentication to make sure sensitive information can be sent easily and safely.

Key features include (plan dependent):

  • Email encryption
  • Q&A recipient challenges
  • Outlook/365 integration
  • SMS recipient challenges
  • Unipass ID recipient challenges
  • Branded recipient journeys
  • Custom trigger words
  • Sent message tracker
  • Message revoke
  • Bulk delivery

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