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Assess your carbon impact

Assess your scaled postal output to understand the carbon and cost you could save by deploying Mailock.

How much could you save?

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We will store your entries and use them for market research. If made public, data will be anonymised. The calculations provided are high level for illustrative purposes as based on typical financial industry practice for large organisations with a high postal output.

How many customers do you communicate with by post?

= 10,000,000 customers 10,000,000 50
We'll use the number of customers that you regularly communicate with by post to calculate the total number of communications and estimate your potential carbon equivalent savings.

How often do you communicate with customers by post?

What percentage of your customers receives post at each frequency?

= annual communication frequency

We will use your answers to estimate the average frequency at which you communicate with your customers and use the output to calculate the total number of communications each year.

What kind of documents do you regularly deliver by post?

Adjust the weightings for the example documents that best fit your output.

12 page A4 letter in DL envelope

28 page A4 brochure in a C5 envelope

320 page A4 brochure in a C4 envelope

10% 25% 65%

= average gCO2e per communication

We will use the above ratios to approximate the total tonnage of annual mailings and the associated carbon footprint based on standardised data sets and industry practice.

Based on your answers, your document output looks like this:

Not right? Edit the figures if you know them.

= pages per year

Calculate carbon impact
Using the numbers above, we can calculate your potential savings in carbon footprint by switching a portion of your postal communications to secure digital delivery.

Your current carbon impact is:

= tonnes of CO2e
annually from postal communications

See how much I could save
All communications have a carbon footprint, including email. This calculation is based on the full lifecycle of those communications, taking into account the impact of digital alternatives.

You could save
tonnes of carbon by digitising…

... of your paper output.

How much could I save in £?
Many financial services institutions allow customers to set personal preferences for how they receive their communications. The above allocation accounts for those choices.

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