Opening a Message with a Security Question

If you’ve received a secure message, clicked on ‘Read my message’ and are taken to a screen, like the one shown in the image below, then you will need to confirm the answer to your sender's question before you can see your message.


If you're seeing a screen to verify your email address first, click here instead otherwise, continue with this article.


The security question is set by the sender, which can only be answered correctly by you. The answer may be personal to you or shared over the phone or by text. Anyone else who has intercepted your email wouldn’t know the answer and so couldn’t read your message. 


If you're unsure of the answer, please contact your sender and they'll be able to advise what they set.




Enter your answer and click on ‘Submit’.


If the answer is incorrect you'll see a message, like the one below. If you're unsure of what to enter, please speak to your sender who will be able to confirm what they set for you.




If the answer is correct and matches what your sender set, you'll be able to see your email, like our example below:




If you would like to reply securely to the sender click on the ‘Reply’ button. For more details on how to reply click here