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Mailock's email revoke feature empowers senders to quickly retract access to sent emails, an essential tool for correcting errors like misdirected messages or incorrect attachments. This feature can be used at both individual and batch message levels, providing versatility in email management.

Revoking a message requires no IT support; senders can manage revocations directly from their 'Sent Items' in Outlook by selecting the email, clicking the 'Email was Secure' button, and then choosing 'Show access details'.

Access can then be revoked or restored by toggling the 'Revoked' box next to a recipient’s name, which blocks or enables their access to the message.

Access can also be revoked from the 'Sent Message Tracker' in the Mailock web app or by company account administrators.

This capability is critical not only for rectifying mistakes but also for maintaining stringent security standards and compliance with data protection regulations. By allowing senders to control message access post-dispatch, Mailock ensures that sensitive information remains secure, even after an email leaves the outbox.

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