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Mailock's API and webhooks enhance your email security protocols and extract valuable business insights from your secure communications.

These tools allow seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, providing detailed analytics to streamline and safeguard your communications.

Seamless Workflow Integration: The flexibility of our integration tools enables automation of secure email delivery and authentication practices without disrupting the user experience. This seamless integration ensures that your business processes remain efficient while enhancing security.

Real-Time Insights: Access timestamped analytics for critical email actions such as sends, opens, and revokes. These insights are crucial for understanding and improving your communication strategies, allowing you to effectively track performance and recipient engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage detailed Management Information (MI) and Business Intelligence (BI) to enhance your reporting capabilities. This information helps you make informed decisions based on user interaction and email security effectiveness, providing a comprehensive view of your communications' impact.

Enhanced Compliance Reporting: Monitor and report on email interactions and security protocols to better comply with data protection regulations. Detailed logs and reports allow you to audit and verify secure email practices, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Customisable Security Challenges: Tailor security challenges based on your CRM platform data to ensure that sensitive information is accessed only by verified individuals. This capability enhances the security of your communications and is available for Enterprise customers sending at high volume.

Mailock's integration tools give you greater control over and deepen your understanding of secure communications. These features are invaluable for any organisation focused on efficient, scaled business-to-customer communications.

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