Why choose us?

Ten reasons

to choose B.E.

With decades of experience developing security and service technologies, we lead the way in encryption, authentication, and digital identity protection.

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Market-leading software

We’ve got awards to prove it. We won ‘Best in Show’ at the Empowering Advice Through Technology event. We're also an HM Government G-Cloud supplier.

Established FS partners

We’re the leading email encryption provider for the financial services sector, with thousands of professionals using our flagship solution, Mailock.

Deep industry connections

Judge us by the company we keep. We’re one of the best-connected encryption companies in the UK, with the likes of Origo, Paragon (PCC), and Westcoast amongst our inner circle.

UK-based service team

We’re UK-based, so our support is right on your doorstep. We're continually striving to provide 'above and beyond' service to our UK and EU market customers.

Sustainability commitments

We are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by helping clients minimise print and post. We’re also working towards becoming a certified BCorp.

'No jargon' promise

We're tech experts but we have a ‘no jargon’ promise - we think the best conversations happen when everyone understands what’s under the hood.

Community drives us

We’re driven by our community, and that's built through strong communication. Our Enterprise account managers work hard to ensure our line is always open.

We’re jolly nice people!

Apart from a standout product, we hire people who feel like old friends and can be their authentic selves, creating the best culture to deliver superb service.

'People first' solutions

We make ‘people first’ tech that improves lives by empowering people to communicate more easily and efficiently. We reduce risk, freeing digital interactions to flow.

Accelerated ambitions

We’re here to make a difference, and we’re doing it at pace. If you’d like to come onboard, strap on your seatbelt! We're growing fast and we'd like to take you with us.
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