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Mailock's secure reply capability enhances customer engagement by enabling recipients to respond securely to messages directly from the web app or via our free Outlook add-in.

This functionality ensures that both messages and attachments are encrypted, maintaining privacy and compliance throughout the communication process.

End-to-End Encryption: Both messages and any attachments are fully encrypted, ensuring that sensitive information is protected during transit and upon receipt.

Flexible Access: Recipients can reply securely to the received message, whether they are using Mailock’s web app or the Outlook add-in. This flexibility enhances user experience and accessibility.

Ease-of-Use for New Users: For recipients without a Mailock account, setting up is straightforward, allowing them to start replying securely without hassle.

Seamless Integration: Existing Mailock users can utilise their account to reply immediately, promoting efficient and continuous secure communication.

Mailock secure email is designed to empower your business communications, providing a robust platform for secure interactions with your customers. This feature is essential for businesses prioritising confidentiality and customer trust in their communications strategy.

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