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Mailock's company branding feature allows businesses to brand their secure communications by incorporating custom logos and text.

This feature ensures that every email not only secures information but also aligns with your corporate identity, reinforcing your brand with every message.

Brand Consistency: Seamlessly integrate your company’s logo and customised text into secure email notifications and throughout the recipient's secure email journey. This consistent branding across all communications enhances professional appearance and brand recognition.

Enhanced Trust: By displaying your company’s branding prominently, you reassure recipients about the security and legitimacy of the emails, fostering trust and confidence in your digital communications.

Customisation Options: Tailor your secure emails to reflect your brand’s unique style and message. This customisation helps differentiate your emails from generic communications, providing a more personalised experience for the recipient.

Visibility and Impact: Branded communications stand out, increasing your visibility and potentially boosting the effectiveness of your communications.

Mailock's company branding capability is essential for businesses prioritising secure, professional, and efficient communications.

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