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Digital delivery for financial providers

FinTech adoption is accelerating at rapid pace, but sensitive document processes are holding us back. Mailock redefines document exchanges for digital change. Deliver sensitive information at scale using secure email.

  • FCA and ICO compliant secure email
  • API for automated, bulk delivery
  • MI and BI intelligence analytics
  • B2C and B2B comms enablement
Financial providers

No more post. 
Digitise and deliver.

Postal mail and email are widely used in financial services, but carry a risk of interception. Protect sensitive customer information by encrypting comms and authenticating recipients.


AES-256 encrypted

Encrypt emails sent from your integrated mail server with award-winning AES-256 data encryption.


FCA compliant

Record audit trails for all message activity. FCA guidance says auditable comms are essential.


Zero friction

Deploy Mailock alongside your CRM, antivirus, server-side signature, and data loss prevention (DLP).

Policy adaptable

Set up custom encryption triggers and user alerts to tailor Mailock to your business' infosec priorities.

Fully configurable

Configure how encryption is initiated by Mailock system users (manual and automated options available).

Flexible control

Use the Mailock API for revocation, audit trails, MI/BI analytics, and batched and automated encryption.

Is your organisation clinging to paper?

Despite FinTech adoption, paper still dominates process

Digital transformation is top of the agenda in financial services board rooms. Paper reduction has played a key role in consumer banking but know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) exchanges are still paper reliant. B2B exchanges have also been neglected in transformation (for example, between providers and advisers). In the UK, over 9.5 billion documents are posted each year.

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So you've got a portal. What comes next?

Push documents to inboxes and pull portal engagement

Paper-based processes create an efficiency debt. Digitising document delivery promises to fill the gap. Organisations have developed customer portals to deliver on the immediacy that customers expect, only to be met with low engagement and diminished efficiency. The fact is, your portal is one among many fighting for consumer attention. Another login is another possibility for friction. Mailock engages people at their email inbox, which they check 15 times a day.

Executive financial services chairman

Your trusted community

Connecting advisers, providers, services, and customers

The transition from analogue paper documents to digital sharing will require security and usability working hand-in hand. Mailock is designed to enable a closer digital connection - between tech fulfilment services, providers, platforms, advisers, and customers. Relationships between each of these stakeholders require different levels of verification, engagement, and compliance. By adapting to these relationships, Mailock doesn't just provide security without compromising user experience, it turns user experience into a security advantage.

How the mailock network works

Make an impact

How Mailock helps your organisation

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Reach ESG goals

Strengthen your environmental, social, and governance proposition. Businesses with strong ESG goals achieve higher equity returns and reductions in bottom-line risk.

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Cut Operational Costs

Over 9.5 billion documents are sent in the UK each year, the vast majority by businesses. In the UK financial services industry alone, digitising print and post operations could save £1.3 bn.

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Protect data

The most common cause of data exposure is sending an email to the wrong person. Cover your staff and any sensitive information you send with Full Revoke, available via our API.


Regulatory guidance

Guidance from the ICO and FCA on communications compliance and data security.

Encrypt emails and attachments

"Data controllers should have a policy governing encrypted email, including guidelines that enable staff to understand when they should or should not use it. For example, there may be a guideline stating that any email containing sensitive personal data (either in the body or as an unencrypted attachment) should be sent encrypted."
- ICO, 2021


"All customer data sent off-site should be encrypted."
- FCA, 2021

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Record data collection audit logs

"If you operate automated processing systems (any IT database), you must keep logs for at least the following processing actions:

  • Collection
  • Alteration
  • Consultation
  • Disclosure (including transfers)
  • Combination
  • Erasure

The law enforcement provisions do not include a definition of ‘automated processing system’ however it is interpreted to mean any system that undertakes processing by automated means, and is likely to involve human interaction (for example input of or access to data) at some point."
- ICO, 2021



Recall emails as soon as possible

"[in the event of a data breach] act quickly. Try to recall the email as soon as possible. If you can’t recall it, contact the person who received it and ask them to delete it. In the future, consider turning off the Autofill tool when sending work emails. The 72 hours following a personal data breach are particularly critical."
- ICO, 2021

woman with glasses on looking intently at computer screen reviewing email security
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