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Example communication you could send to your clients by email/newsletter etc…

Subject: We are changing the way we send you sensitive data

As a client of xxxxxxx there are times when we will be required to send you, or request from you, personal and sensitive data.

Due to an alarming rise in Cybercrime activity we now consider it necessary to implement increased security around our email communications should they contain such data.

We have, therefore, taken the decision to adopt a secure email system called Mailock from Beyond Encryption. Please rest assured the system is very user friendly.

Any Mailock secure emails we send to you will be encrypted which will protect both the content and any attachments. The system also requires verification of your identity which ensures that only you can access the email content and any attachments.

To read a secure message

When you receive a secure email from us, open the message and click ‘Read my message’.

We’ll verify your identity, maybe using a question and answer that we’ve shared, or using a code sent by SMS to your mobile phone. Once you have successfully answered the question or input the code you will be able to simply read the message.

Not only that but, with a very simple registration process, you can reply to us completely free of charge and securely!

Once you’ve registered and replied we all become part of our “secure community” and you will no longer be required to answer an identity challenge to open any subsequent secure emails as your identity will have been verified.

You will be prompted to register as soon as you reply to your first secure Mailock email from us. This is a very quick and simple process.

We are sure that you will agree that this increased security around our email communications is a necessary step as part of our ongoing services to you.

For any questions please contact