How do I revoke a message?

You can revoke a Mailock message using the Outlook add-in or mobile app.

To revoke a message in Outlook:

Simply navigate to your sent items mailbox, locate the message that you wish to revoke and select to open the message window. Click the Access details button in the toolbar, then select the tick box in the Revoked column for a given recipient.

Revoke outlook

To revoke a message in the Mailock mobile app:

Navigate to your sent items in your mobile email app, locate the message and click Read my message link. The App will launch and you may be prompted to sign in. Upon opening the message, click the Access details link, then use the revoke switch for a given recipient.

mobile revoke

Who can revoke a message?

Any Beyond Encryption account holder can unrevoke a message, however, only premium account holders can revoke a message.