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Change your marketing preferences

If you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter and communications and haven't yet done so, please click here


This will lead to a screen like the one below, where you can enter your name, email and select to 'Subscribe'.


You'll then receive the confirmation as below.

You can amend your communication preferences at any time.


At the bottom of a newsletter or marketing communications you receive from us, you'll find the two links, 'Unsubscribe' and 'Manage preferences', as shown in the image below.



Selecting 'Unsubscribe' will take you to the same screen as the one below, demonstrated by our example customer. Selecting 'Unsubscribe me from all mailing lists' will opt you out for all mailing lists.




Selecting 'Manage preferences' will take you to the 'Communication Preferences' screen with an individual mailing type choice. From here you can untick any of the emails listed that you don't want to receive or there's the option to tick the last box to unsubscribe from all mailing lists.