View My Subscription Details and Change My Payment Method

The Company Admin portal provides a  view of your subscription details and an opportunity to change your payment method, if needed.


A link to the portal can be found here


You can sign-in with the same credentials that you used to sign up with during the registration process for Mailock. Users configured with company Owner or company Administrator privileges are granted access to the Company Admin portal.


Once logged in, select the 'Subscription' tab and you should see a screen similar to our test example below:




The Subscription tab will display your current subscription information, how many licences you have and the cost on yours.


If you need to update your payment method, select the 'Update payment details' button, as highlighted above and you'll see a 'Payment Methods' screen like the one below. It'll display your primary card being used and if you need to change to an alternative card or add a backup card, select, 'Add New'.




Next you'll see a screen like the one below, enter your new card details and select the 'Add' button.




Select an option to set the new payment method as either 'Primary' or 'Backup' and then 'Update'.




This will take you back to the 'Payment Methods' screen, as below. If you need to switch the card listed as primary, select the arrow on the right of the card listed and amend accordingly. If you need to add any further cards select the 'Add New' option again. 


Once complete select the 'Go to app' link and it'll take you back to Company Admin.




If you'd prefer to switch to Direct Debit for payment, please contact us via we'll make the necessary changes and will advise the next steps to take.