Creating a Mailock Free account

How to register for a free account

A Mailock Free account lets you reply securely to any message you receive and send 5 new secure messages each month.

Creating a Mailock Free account is easy! Simply follow these steps:

1.    Go to and click ‘Sign Up’

2.    Enter your information, create a password (and make sure you store it somewhere safely), then click ‘Sign Up’

3.    Click on ‘Verify Email’

4.    Head to your email inbox to pick up the code you’ve been sent (it may take a minute or so to come through) while keeping the tab on your web browser open

5.    Enter the code into the box on the screen in your web browser, then click 'Verify Code' 

6.    You should see the secure email compose pane, which means you have successfully created your free account!

You can now use your Mailock login to verify yourself when you receive secure emails. You'll also be able to send 5 free secure emails each month from the web or by integrating Mailock with Outlook

⬇️ Click here to download this guide as a printable PDF


Password tips:
Remember to choose a hard to guess password so that your emails are kept secure.
It must be at least 10 characters long and contain at least 3 of the following:
•    lower case letters (a-z)
•    upper case letters (A – Z)
•    numbers (0 – 9)
•    special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)