Letting Your Clients Know They Can Register For A Mailock Free Account

A sample email to send to your clients informing them they can use Mailock to protect their confidential emails

Below is an example communication you could adapt and send to your clients to inform them that they are able to register for a free Mailock account to send confidential emails securely.


Subject: Your free Mailock account – an important announcement from ABC Ltd


Email remains the most popular way for our clients to communicate with us but there are ever-increasing security concerns.

We have adopted Mailock to secure any emails that we send to you containing personally identifiable information.

We also take very seriously our duty of care to protect our client’s data when we request that you send this type of documentation to us.

Our clients are all offered a free Mailock account which will enable them to send emails to us securely and protect their personal data.

This free account allows you to reply securely to any confidential emails you receive from us. You will also be able to send up to five free secure emails per month to us or other recipients.


Starting your Mailock account

If you've already registered for a Mailock account because you have replied to secure emails in the past, you don't need to do anything.

To create your free Mailock account, it's easy. Simply click on this link and follow the instructions to set up your profile.

You'll be able to send encrypted emails and documents (for example, a copy of your passport) that only the right people can open.


Adoption of the Mailock secure email system is a crucial step as part of our ongoing services, demonstrating our commitment to information security.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact AbcBrokers@......com.