What do I need to use Mailock?

Mailock works with a broad range of systems; if you have a web browser, on any sort of device, there’s every chance you can use Mailock, we just ask that the browser is supported and kept up to date.


If you’d like to use our Outlook add-in, you need to be using an installed copy of Outlook for Windows. The Outlook add-in works with any version of Outlook and Windows that is actively supported by Microsoft (End of support resources for Office - Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs).


Typically, Microsoft support products for around 10 years from their release (Office 2013 is supported until 2023 for example). Office 365 is the exception to this as it is continually updated with the latest features; in any case, we ask that you keep your Outlook and Windows software running with the very latest updates.


A quick explainer: keeping your software up to date not only helps us, but it also makes sure that you stay protected against the latest security threats; the ICO advise of the risk of a breach if updates are not being applied to systems that process personal data and they have the option to impose heavy fines when breaches occur.


With that in mind, it’s best to stay current with our Outlook add-in too; not only will it help you to remain compliant, it’ll make sure you get all the latest things we’ve been working on.