My Outlook Add-In Has Been Disabled, What Do I Do?

If you find the Mailock button has disappeared from the ribbon the most likely reason is that Outlook has removed it.

Outlook monitors its add-ins and deactivates any it believes is causing any issues. Usually, there is nothing wrong with the Mailock Add-in, other than Outlook believes it is taking too long to start.


To get the button back, the first thing to do is to check how Outlook has deactivated the add-in:

1. In Outlook, click on 'File' at the top left.


2. Next, choose 'Options'.


3. Followed by 'Add-ins'.


4. This takes you to the list of all add-ins in Outlook. Look for one called 'Beyond Encryption' in either:
  • Inactive Application Add-ins
  • Disabled Application Add-ins


Once you've found it, follow the corresponding steps below.


Inactive Application Add-ins


Activating the Outlook Add-in

Activating the Outlook Add-in


This can occur if the add-in has caused an error, but not one that caused Outlook to close, or if Outlook thinks the add-in is taking too long to start.

  • In Outlook, click the ‘File’ tab
  • Click the ‘Options’ button
  • In the categories pane, click ‘Add-ins’
  • In the details pane, verify that the ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in appears in the Inactive Application Add-ins list
  • In the Manage box, click ‘COM Add-ins’, and then click ‘Go’
  • In the COM Add-Ins dialogue box, select the check box next to the disabled ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in
  • Click ‘OK’.


Disabled Application Add-ins

This can occur if the add-in has caused Outlook to close unexpectedly.

  • In Outlook, click the ‘File’ tab
  • Click the ‘Options’ button
  • In the left-hand pane, click ‘Add-ins’
  • In the ‘Manage’ box, click ‘Disabled Items’, then click ‘Go’
  • Select the ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in and click ‘Enable’
  • Click ‘Close’
  • Return to the Manage box, click ‘COM Add-ins’ and then click ‘Go’
  • Click in the box to the left of the 'Beyond Encryption' add-in and click ‘OK’
  • The window will close and you'll see the Mailock button back on your ribbon


Enabling the Outlook Add-in

Enabling the Outlook Add-in Guide-1