My Outlook add-in has been disabled, what do I do?

Mailock button disappeared from the Outlook ribbon? Try this...

If you find the Mailock button has disappeared from the ribbon the most likely reason is that Outlook has removed it.


Outlook monitors its add-ins and deactivates any it believes are causing any issues. Usually, there is nothing wrong with the Mailock add-in, other than Outlook believes it is taking too long to start.


To get the button back, the first thing to do is to check how Outlook has deactivated the add-in:


In Outlook, click on 'File' at the top left.




Next, choose 'Options'.




Followed by 'Add-ins'.




This takes you to the list of all add-ins in Outlook. Look for one called 'Beyond Encryption' in either:
  • Inactive Application Add-ins
  • Disabled Application Add-ins


Once you've found it, follow the corresponding steps below.


Inactive application add-ins


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This can occur if the add-in has caused an error, but not one that caused Outlook to close, or if Outlook thinks the add-in is taking too long to start.

  • In Outlook, click the ‘File’ tab
  • Click the ‘Options’ button
  • In the categories pane, click ‘Add-ins’
  • In the details pane, verify that the ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in appears in the 'Inactive Application Add-ins' list
  • In the Manage box below the list, click ‘COM Add-ins’, and then click ‘Go’
  • In the COM Add-Ins dialogue box, select the check box next to the disabled ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in
  • Click ‘OK’.


Disabled application add-ins


This can occur if the add-in has caused Outlook to close unexpectedly.

  • In Outlook, click the ‘File’ tab
  • Click the ‘Options’ button
  • In the left-hand pane, click ‘Add-ins’
  • In the ‘Manage’ box, click ‘Disabled Items’, then click ‘Go’
  • Select the ‘Beyond Encryption’ add-in and click ‘Enable’
  • Click ‘Close’
  • Return to the Manage box, click ‘COM Add-ins’ and then click ‘Go’
  • Click in the box to the left of the 'Beyond Encryption' add-in and click ‘OK’
  • The window will close and you'll see the Mailock button back on your ribbon


Enabling the Outlook add-in


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