Outlook Add-In Settings

Managing your Mailock Outlook add-in settings

To personalise your experience with the Mailock Outlook add-in, you can change a variety of settings within Outlook itself. To find the settings window:


Navigate to the Mailock tab on the Outlook Ribbon, found at the top of your Outlook window.


Click on the ‘Add-In Settings’ button to open up the settings window, which should look like this:




Please note: numbers 4 to 7 only apply if your email provider uses Exchange. For more information to confirm what email type you have, please click here


There are 8 options to be aware of, let’s look at each option in more detail:


1. Open secure mail mode

The drop-down menu gives you 2 ways to open your secure messages:

  • On open only: Each secure message needs to be double-clicked to open
  • On select and open: Single or double click a secure message to open it

If you change this option, you’ll need to restart Outlook for it to come into effect. 


2. Prompt me to send securely if my email contains sensitive keywords

Mailock automatically scans the title and body of your outgoing, unsecured (i.e., not encrypted) messages for keywords that suggest the email should be secured.

If it finds any, a pop-up box will appear, asking if you would like to send the email securely instead. If you would rather Mailock didn’t do this check, untick the box.


3. Prompt me to validate my recipient's email address before sending secure emails

Before you send your secure email, Mailock will prompt to check the recipient's email address(es) and ensure they are correct, helping to prevent any misdirected emails.


4. Replace opened secure messages with decrypted versions

When you open a secure message, the encrypted copy is replaced by a decrypted (unsecured) version. If you would prefer to keep your messages encrypted, untick this box.

Decrypting a message makes it become the same as your other emails, meaning it can be searched for using the search bar. However, it does mean the content is available to any others that share the mailbox.


5. Save decrypted version in sent items when sending secure messages

When you send a secure message, a decrypted copy is saved in your ‘Sent Items’. If you would prefer to keep your messages encrypted, untick this box.

As with the previous option, decrypting a message makes it the same as your other email, meaning it can be searched, but does mean the content is available to others sharing the mailbox.


6. Open decrypted version of a secure message after send

If this option is ticked, then a decrypted version of your message is shown after it is sent. If you don’t need or want to see it, untick this box.


7. Preserve server side added signatures in decrypted content

If you have server software that adds email signatures to your sent messages, Mailock will add the signature to decrypted messages. If you don’t want this to happen, untick this box.


8. Check for updates on start up

Mailock will routinely check for updates when you start Outlook. If you don’t want this to happen, simply untick this box.

Checking for updates may be disabled in some setups, in which case changing this option will have no effect. You can tell this is the case if you don’t have a ‘Check for Updates’ option on the Mailock ribbon.