How Do I Read My Secure Message in The Gmail App?

If you use the Gmail app on an Apple device, you can get caught in a loop reading your secure message if the email requires a verification code to open.


As part of the verification process, a code is sent to your inbox, which is then entered on a webpage.


With iOS when you tap on ‘Read my message’ a webpage is opened (to do the verification) from within the Gmail app. To get the code, though, you must return to Gmail, closing the webpage as you do, leaving nowhere to enter the code.


If you find yourself stuck, there are a few ways to read your message:


First of all, open the notification email in your Gmail app and long press on ‘Read my message’ to get the following options:



Tap on copy and switch to Safari, or another browser and paste it into the address bar. Follow the instructions to complete the verification.


Alternatively, open the email in the Gmail app and tap on ‘Read my message’. You’ll be taken to the ‘Verify your email address’ page where you’ll see a browser icon (Safari, Google Chrome etc) in the bottom right-hand corner. Tapping this will open the page in your browser.



Once you have been re-directed you will be able to retrieve your verification code from your Gmail app and continue to read your secure email.