Revoke an Email Using the Outlook Add-in

If you've sent a Mailock message by mistake - perhaps to the wrong person, or with the wrong attachment - you can stop the recipient from accessing the message. They will still receive a notification email but will be unable to open and read the contents of your secure message.


How Do I Access Revoke?


  1. Navigate to your ‘Sent Items’ folder, find the message you want to revoke and open it.
  2. Click on the blue 'Email was Secure' button at the top left of the page, revealing a list of options.
  3. Click on the 'Show access details' option.
  4. In the 'Message access details' screen that pops up, find the recipient you want to revoke access from and tick the 'Revoked' box next to their name. They will now no longer be able to access and read your message.


    You can also repeat the same process to restore someone's access to your message, but this time you simply untick the 'Revoked' box. This can be useful if someone has failed the authentication challenge more than 5 times, therefore has had their access revoked and you need to grant them more attempts.  

Important Note: You can still revoke a message after it has been opened. The only exception is if an unencrypted copy of the message has been saved by the recipient.


If your recipient answers the challenge question incorrectly 5 times your message will automatically be revoked, and you will be notified. If you want to give them more attempts just untick the 'Revoked' box as above.