Shared Addresses and How They Work

Mailock allows multiple email addresses, such as a business and a personal address, to be linked to one account, however email addresses linked in that way may only be used by the one account.


There are times when multiple users need to share the same email address, for example:

  • To support a shared mailbox, distribution group, or generic emails such as enquiries@... or info@...
  • For holiday coverage, allowing a colleague to send and receive secure emails when another colleague is out of office
  • To allow support staff to shadow an executive’s emails


To cater for these scenarios, it’s possible to set up an email address as ‘shared’, so that multiple accounts can be linked to it. This feature is available on the Mailock Pro subscription.


Note: When configuring an email address for sharing, the email must first be available as an activated email address within your company, i.e. you must complete the invitation and activation process for the email address. 

You may achieve this by adding the email address as an additional email address to an existing user account (company owners may find this the most convenient method) or configure a new user account specifically for this email address.



Setting up a Shared Address


Please navigate to the Company Admin portal, the portal can be found here


You can sign-in with the same credentials that you used to sign up with during the registration process for Mailock. Only users configured with company Owner or company Administrator privileges are granted access to the portal.


Once signed in select 'Users' from the left side panel, followed by 'Shared Addresses'. The Shared Addresses screen displays the shared email addresses that you have configured for your users. To add an address for sharing, click the ‘Add shared address’ button, as demonstrated in our example below:






This will then display a list of activated email addresses associated with your company, like the screen below. Locate the email address that you wish to share and click the ‘share this address’ button alongside it. 






A success message, like the one below, will be displayed to confirm that you have configured the email address for sharing and the email address will now appear in the list of shared addresses displayed when you select 'Users, then ‘Shared Addresses’ from the left-hand menu.






Adding a Shared Address to a User's Profile



With the email address set up for sharing, you must now configure which users it will be shared with. Select the ‘Users’ tab within 'Users' and locate the user who needs access to the shared mailbox, we've used the example user, Info, as below:






Click on your user's ‘View Profile’ option and select the ‘Email addresses’ tab at the top. From the screen displayed (see below), click the ‘Add Shared Address’ button, which will then list all the shared email addresses available.






Within the new 'Add shared address' screen, click the ‘Add this address’ button alongside the required shared address, to give access to the selected user:






Once you’ve added the shared email address, a confirmation screen is displayed, like the one below and the shared email address will appear in the list of email addresses linked to the user:





If you wish to withdraw access for the user to the shared address, just click the ‘Remove this address’ button alongside the shared email address.