Signing in to Mailock From Outlook

Log into your Mailock account using the Outlook add-in

After installing the Mailock Outlook add-in you will be asked to sign in the first time you read or send a secure email, a screen like the one below will pop up.




The 'Sign in with Unipass Identity' option will need to be used if you have a Unipass Mailock account or a Mailock account with a Unipass ID linked.


If you have a Mailock account and do not use Unipass, enter your 'Email Address' and 'Password' and click the ‘Sign in’ button. 


Anyone can download and install the Outlook Add-in to use to read and reply to messages, only Mailock Pro/Lite and Unipass Business Premium users are able to use it to send new messages using Mailock. If you'd like to find out about upgrading, you can read more here.