Why upgrade to Mailock Pro?

While both Mailock Free and Pro offer military-grade encryption, Q&A identification, and use of the Mailock Outlook add-in, by upgrading, you unlock several key features to protect your comms. These include:

  • SMS authentication – in addition to using a question and answer to secure your messages, Pro licence holders can use SMS authentication, with recipients receiving a code to their mobile phone which they will have to input to gain access to the secure email
  • Email revoke – fully recall a secure email you have sent in error, preventing recipient access
  • Company branding – brand Mailock notification messages with your company details and logo, showing your customers that you take the security of their information seriously
  • Message life - Mailock Free offers 21 days of message storage, Pro extends this to 365 days
  • Recipient validation on send - confirm you have the correct recipients before your message is sent and prevent emails going to the wrong people
  • Message tracking - see when your recipients opened their messages and each attachment in it
  • Customisable trigger words – a library of words that, once recognised by the system, will ‘nudge’ the email sender to check again if the content requires protection, and if so, will invoke Mailock. While Free license holders have access to a pre-configured list of trigger words, a Pro license allows users to edit and personalise this list of words, while also having the capability to switch the feature on and off (Mailock Outlook add-in only)
  • Unipass integration - our partnership with FinTech company Origo provides exclusive integration with their Unipass identity services. A feature of our Pro licence is the ability to use their Unipass Identity to verify recipients, in addition to the Q&A and SMS options

For more details, see Mailock® Secure Email, Made To Connect