What is your ‘Trusted Community’?

Your trusted  community is a list of your recipients who have verified their identity to you. They do this by:

a)  registered for a Free (or Pro) account with us


b)  successfully met the security challenge you've used on a message to them i.e. Q&A or SMS

Once they have done both of these things they are added to your trusted community.


What are the benefits of a trusted community?

The advantage of having a recipient in your trusted community is that future messages can be opened by them just signing into their account i.e. you no longer need to add a security challenge when sending a message to them.


Recipients must have a Mailock account before they meet the security on your message to be added to your trusted community.  This means if someone registers to reply to your message they won't be added to your trusted community until the next time they successfully open a message from you.


What if I want to confirm someone's identity again?

Even if a recipient is part of your trusted community, you can still add a challenge if you want to ‘dial up’ the level of security on a message. When you send a message, you’ll be told adding a challenge is optional but the choices are still there if you'd like to.