What is your ‘Trusted Community’?

A guide to your trusted Mailock community

Microsoft Outlook Secure Send - recipient is a member of your trusted community


The simplified secure send process for a Microsoft Outlook user emailing a recipient who is part of their secure trusted community. Having met your identity challenge and registered for a free Mailock account with Beyond Encryption, your recipient is added to your trusted community and on sending a secure email to them again, a challenge becomes optional.


Receiving and replying to a secure Mailock email where the recipient is a ‘trusted’ community member


Once the sender and recipient are ‘connected’ by way of their trusted community, two-way secure communications becomes extremely simple and efficient.


This means the challenge is no longer needed on future messages, but you always have the option if you want to increase the security level of an email. You will always require a challenge when sending a secure message to unregistered users as they don’t have a confirmed account to add to your community. For this reason, it’s worth asking your recipients to sign up for a free Mailock account if you plan on sending them more than a few emails. The easiest way to do this is for them to reply to your message and they’ll be guided through the process.


Even if a recipient is part of your trusted community, you can still add a challenge if you want to ‘dial up’ the level of security on a message. When you send a message, you’ll be told you don’t need to add a challenge, but you have the option to add one.