What are the Mailock message security options?

Mailock uses both encryption and identity verification to secure a message. How does it do that?

Email messages or attachments containing personal data must be encrypted to protect them from email interception risk, with Mailock using military-grade encryption to ensure the safe delivery of your sensitive information. However, our technology offers a solution that goes ‘beyond encryption’.


Currently, 95% of email data breaches are caused by human error, such as sending an email or attachment to the wrong person. Mailock delivers two-factor authentication technology to ensure that your emails are only accessed by the right people.


How Does Mailock Authentication Work?


We recognise that every user and end recipient have a different preference. This is why Mailock offers a Unipass integration, providing one-click access to secure emails, along with providing two choices of identity verification. When sending a secure email to your recipient, you will be prompted to choose between the following authentication challenges:


Option 1. SMS Challenge




SMS code verification is a popular choice for businesses, as consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with using their mobile phones to access digital assets quickly and easily.


To use this option, you will need your client’s mobile number. When sending a secure email to your client, all you need to do is input the number into the required field, and a unique code will be sent across to your recipient via text message.


When the secure email appears in their inbox, recipients simply type in the code to gain access to your message.


Option 2. Question & Answer Challenge




If you do not have your client’s mobile number, Mailock offers a Q&A option, allowing you to type in your own authentication question to send to recipients.


Once the client receives your secure email, they will be shown the question you have created and will have 5 attempts to input the correct answer before the message is automatically revoked.


This method works well for clients you have maintained an extended relationship with, and therefore will personally know better. If you are wishing to send a Q&A authentication to more recently acquired clients, we have written some tips to help you create a secure question.