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February 5 2021 Release (1.6)

This release contains the following updates:


  • Added a new automatic retries feature for failed messages on the RabbitMQ queues

    Refer to ‘Dealing with failed requests’ in the Technical Overview and Operators Guide for further details.

  • Moved RabbitMQ image to the BE Azure container registry exclusively (from to make it easier to whitelist the IP addresses for outgoing connections from the Mailock Gateway Appliance

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where email attachments sent via the gateway were not displayed correctly in Outlook

  • Fixed an issue where the recipient didn’t see attachments which had been added with a Content-disposition of ‘attachment' (i.e. not ‘inline’) and with a Content-ID set

  • Fixed an issue where MIME parts without a Content-disposition were not treated as attachments by Mailock

  • Fixed a decryption error which occurred if the recipient had been CC’d on a message sent using the Outlook Add-in