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How do I use my Unipass Identity with Mailock?

To start using your Unipass Identity to sign in to Mailock you must first link the two together.

This is done from your Mailock account settings here. You can also get to the page by taking a link from your account profile screen. Click here to see how to get to the profile screen.

Tip At this point don't use the 'Sign in with Unipass Identity' button as Mailock won't know who you are, and will take you to sign up for a new account. Instead, just sign in with your existing Mailock details.

After signing in you’ll see the following:

Click on ‘Add Unipass Identity’.

You’ll be prompted to select your Unipass certificate. Select the correct one (if you have more than one installed) and click on ‘OK’.

If there isn’t a certificate on your machine, you’ll be asked to log in with your Unipass Identity username and passphrase instead.

Windows may display a security warning. If it does click on ‘Allow’:

Tip Windows will often display this warning behind other windows making it difficult to spot. Look at your taskbar (at the bottom of the screen) to see if there are any icons with an orange background, like this: Add button. If so, click on it to display the security warning.

When complete you'll see the following:

You can now use either your Mailock username and password, or your Unipass Identity, to sign in.