How to Add/Invite Users to Join Mailock

There are two areas to add users to join Mailock within the Company Admin Portal. The first is within Invitations and the second, within Users. 



The Invitations screen displays all the invitations that you have sent out to your company users and shows the status of those invitations. Invitations are valid for 10 days, after which they will expire and will have to be sent out again.




After the invitation has been sent, but before it expires, as demonstrated in the image above, the ‘Resend’ button, on the right-hand side of each user in the pending invitations list, allows you to send the invitation again, if necessary. We have provided an email icon to the left-hand side of each listed user which serves as a handy ‘mail to:’ feature: click this link to open your default email client and send an email to the user.


To invite a new user, click on the 'Invite User' button, as highlighted in the above image and you'll see a screen like the one below.


If the 'Invite User' button is greyed out, all licences have been taken up, we can add further licences to your account, please contact us via and we'll help you further with your licence requests.


Fill out the details for the new user and select 'Create'.




This option is best if you have just a handful of users to invite. Check the ‘invite another’ button if you have more than one user to invite. When you submit the completed invite form, the Mailock system will send an invitation email to the user.


This email contains a 'Start Enrolment' link and the user will be activated on the system once they open the email (proving ownership of the Inbox) and click the enrolment link that it contains to register or sign in if they already have a free Mailock account.



The Users screen provides a view of all users that are activated to use the system. You can quickly see totals showing the number of users, pending invitations and number of licenses and can find users easily by searching for their email address.




The Users screen provides the ‘Invite User’ option that the Invitations tab offers but also has the ‘Import Users’ button too. If you have a large number of users to invite on to the Mailock system, the ‘Import Users’ button is a better option for you and reveals a file import process (see screenshot below).




The file import process imports data from a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file and a template file outlining the format required is available for download within that section on the Company Admin Portal. The template CSV file defines the following fields for each user that is to be imported:

  • Unique Reference (optional): Use this optional field if you have unique identifiers for each user (perhaps from an Active Directory export containing SID’s). Use of this field allows Mailock to detect name changes in users and prevents a second user being configured on the system.
  • Primary email address (required): This is the users primary email address for their email account.
  • FirstName (required): The user’s first name.
  • LastName (required): The user’s last name.


Once you have created your User Import CSV file adhering to the specified format, use the file browsing control to locate this file on your computer. Click the Upload button to upload your file and the portal will display a preview of your import.




The import preview will show you totals of the number of:

  • new users your import will add to your company account.
  • users in your import have already been invited but remain pending activation.
  • existing user records are being updated (perhaps with a name change).
  • users who exist in your company account but are not present in the import file - you may wish to consider removing these users. users in your import who will remain unchanged from any previous imports or separate invitations.
  • users with an email address that are not in your secure send domain list (see ‘Domains’ below).


If the import wizard detects any errors in your CSV file these will be reported in the preview screen. Correct your CSV file and return to the Users screen to Upload your new file.




When you are happy with the invitations displayed in the preview screens, click the ‘Apply Changes’ button and invitations will be sent out to your users.


Access the Company Admin portal here