Company Settings, Read Without Email Verification Explained

The 'Read Without Email Verification' option allows a sender to send a secure message which an unregistered recipient can read just by answering the challenge question. In other words, they do not have to confirm they are the owner of the email address by entering a verification code.


Whilst this undoubtedly makes the process easier, the risk of the email being read by the wrong person increases. It’s therefore key, if you choose to use Read Without Email Verification, that the challenge question/answer is known only to your recipient.


A few things to bear in mind: Read Without Email Verification only applies to recipients who haven’t registered for a Mailock account. If they have, they will be asked to login as usual. The option in Company Admin just turns on the feature: senders will then be given the choice whether to use Read Without Email Verification on each email they send.


Currently Read Without Email Verification is only an option for senders using our Outlook add-in. To give users the option when sending click on ‘Read Without Email Verification’ - the button slides to the right and shows ‘ON’, as shown in our example below. Click on the same button to turn it off if you would not like to use the feature (so that ‘OFF’ is shown).




Please note: Turning Read Without Email Verification off only stops the option from appearing when sending a message; it won’t affect messages which have already been sent. If something was sent using Read Without Email Verification that shouldn’t have been, it will need to be revoked. For more details how to revoke a message please click here


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