My Mailock Outlook Add-In Keeps Disabling Itself

Why does this happen?

Microsoft has some security measures in place to prevent slow add-ins from running inside Outlook. However, in many cases, add-ins without fault are being mistakenly marked as slow and disabled by Outlook. If this is not immediately corrected, Outlook may permanently disable them with no way to re-enable them via the user interface.


What can I do about it?

Please run through the following steps to fix this issue:


Be an Administrator

Make sure you run Outlook as an Administrator when you enable the add-in (Right-click - Run as Administrator)


Force Outlook to always enable the add-in

By default, the Mailock Add-In installs with parameters that force Outlook to ‘Always enable this add-in’.

You can check this setting and reset it if necessary.

On the File tab, click "Manage COM Add-ins" under "Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins".

You'll see a list of add-ins. Locate the Beyond Encryption entry and click Always enable this add-in.


Changing the Load Behaviour

If the Add-In setting above is correct and the Mailock Add-In is still not loading when Outlook is opened, then it may be due to the registry setting that controls how the Mailock Add-In is loaded. The following steps detail the process you should follow to correct this registry setting.

On the Outlook File tab click Options, Add-Ins and with the ‘Manage:’ selection set to ‘COM Add-Ins at the bottom of the page, click the ‘Go…’ button and select the Beyond Encryption Add-In from the resulting list.

You will be able to see the current load behaviour of the Mailock Add-In which should be set to "Load at Startup" like this:


If load behaviour is set to any state other than ‘Load at Startup’, follow these steps:

Open your Registry Editor. To do this, open your Windows Start menu and type "regedit".

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Beyond Encryption


Note what the LoadBehavior is set to. It will be a number like 0 or 1 or 3.

If the LoadBehavior key is anything other than "3" then follow these steps:

  1. Close Outlook (and all other Office programs to be sure). Make sure the "OUTLOOK.EXE" process is not running in the Windows Task Manager
  2. Open the registry editor again. Double-click the registry key to edit it.
  3. Change the Load Behavior to "3." Close the registry editor.
  4. Re-open the registry editor to ensure "3" is still there.
  5. Open Outlook. The Mailock Add-In should now load automatically at startup and the blue Mailock ‘Compose New Secure Email’ button should appear in the top left-hand corner of your Outlook ribbon.


If you would like further information on LoadBehavior and the values that it can be set to, this MSDN article covers this