Getting to know the Outlook add-in ribbon

A guide to the buttons and settings in Mailock for Outlook

After downloading the Outlook add-in, the Outlook ribbon will have some new additions, including a ‘New Secure Email’ button and a ‘Mailock’ tab. Most of your day-to-day use of Mailock is going to be through the ‘New Secure Email’ button on the ‘Home’ tab in Outlook, but the ‘Mailock’ tab has some useful options that you need to be aware of.

Let’s go through each button:


Selecting this option opens a new secure email that will be sent securely.

 getting-to-know-the-outlook-add-in-ribbon-in-newux getting-to-know-the-outlook-add-in-ribbon-out-newux

Sign In is used to sign into your Mailock account. Normally, the add-in will automatically prompt you to sign in when needed, but you can also sign in from here.

Sign Out signs you out of your Mailock account. This is useful if you share a computer with another user and don’t want them to access your account.

Important note: You will only see one of these buttons at a time, depending on whether you are signed in or out.


Displays details such as your licence type, plus all the email addresses currently linked to your account.


Displays options to change the way the add-in works. You can read more information about this here.


Checks to see if there is a newer version of the Outlook add-in. However, this is done automatically every time you start Outlook unless you have changed this in the add-in settings.


Shows details such as what version of the add-in you are using, along with your current Outlook and Windows versions. There is also a button to open the add-in’s diagnostic log folder.

Note: This information is typically only of use to support staff.