Message access details

The Message access details panel gives a breakdown of how your recipients have accessed your Mailock messages. 


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It shows:

  1. Who the message was sent to. If a message was sent to more than 1 recipient, there will  be multiple entries in the message tracker - 1 for each recipient, each with their own access details
  2. Who the message was sent from (for when multiple addresses are linked to an account)
  3. When the message expires i.e. can no longer be accessed. The number of days before expiry depends on your licence when it was sent (read more)
  4. When the message was sent
  5. If/when the message was opened
  6. How the message was secured e.g. question and answer, SMS
  7. Whether the message is available, expired or revoked
  8. (Pro only)  The 'Revoke' button blocks access to your message if, for example. you sent a message to the wrong person. Once revoked the button switches to 'Unrevoke' which you can use to restore access, if needed

    Revoke can't prevent access to saved copies of messages.
  9. (Pro only) Details of any attachments on the message and when they were opened

The file names of the attachments are stored encrypted with the message which means we can't display them with their original names. Use the file size to uniquely identify each one instead.


We don't hold access to your secure messages so you're unable to view your saved messages from the sent items tracker. Use the details from here to find them in your usual mail app. They'd usually be in your 'Sent Items' if you use our Outlook add-in, or your regular inbox if you've sent from our website and sent yourself a copy (the default).