Sent items tracker

The sent items tracker is a searchable list of all the messages you've sent through Mailock. You can find it from the 'Sent Items' link in the left hand menu when signed into Mailock, or get to it directly here.


2023-08-23 16 54 28 labelled-1


Looking at each section:

1. Gives totals of your sent messages, showing how many:
    • messages you've sent
    • recipients across all those messages e.g. a message sent to 2 recipients would show as 1 in 'Messages Sent' and 2 in 'Message Recipients'. 2 different messages sent to the same recipient would count as 2 messages and 2 recipients
    • messages are yet to be opened
    • messages have been revoked (see message access details for more on revoking messages)
2. Use this box to search your messages for particular recipients or subjects. Type what you want to search for in this box and press the enter key, or click/tap on the magnifying glass (4.)
3. By default all your sent messages are included, but you can limit this to messages in the past 30 or 90 days. Just choose which you'd like and click on the magnifying glass (4.)
4. Use this button to filter your messages based on the text or date range you'd like. Use the 'x' to clear your filter
5. Each line here shows a secure message sent to 1 recipient. If you've sent a message to 2 or more recipients, there will be multiple lines - 1 for each recipient. It includes:
    • recipient
    • subject
    • date sent
    • date opened (or 'Never' if it hasn't been opened yet)

You can sort by date sent (the default is most recently sent) or date opened. Click on the 'Sent' or 'Opened' headers to sort on either. Click on it again to reverse the order.

The small upward or downward arrow next to the header shows which is being used.

Click on any line for more detailed information about a message - see message access details

Messages which have past their expiry are tagged and shown in red:2023-08-24 09 23 52

6. Use the '<<' and '>>' buttons to page through your messages. You can also click on a page number to jump straight to that page.


We don't hold access to your secure messages so you're unable to view your saved messages from the sent items tracker. Use the details from here to find them in your usual mail app. They'd usually be in your 'Sent Items' if you use our Outlook add-in, or your regular inbox if you've sent from our website and sent yourself a copy (the default).