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Removing a Linked Email Address From Your Mailock Account

If you've linked an email address to your account that you no longer use or have linked a generic email address and someone else needs to use it, follow the guide below to remove the email.


If you have a Mailock Pro subscription and would like to set up an email as shared please see here


Otherwise, to start with, please navigate to the 'Email addresses' section within your account


Here you'll see the primary email address you registered with originally and all other email addresses you've added to your account. We've used a test example, as below:




Select the 'Remove' option next to the email you need to remove.


Check the address in the next screen and select 'Yes, remove email' and your email address selected will be removed from your 'Email addresses' screen:




If you need to have your 'Primary' email address removed and swapped with another email address you have added, please get in touch and we'll get that done for you.