Tracking a Message Using the Outlook Add-in

How to use the Mailock Outlook add-in to track your encrypted emails

Using the Outlook add-in gives you access to Mailock’s audit feature (Pro subscription required), allowing you to track all the secure emails you send, from when they were opened to how many times someone fails the authentication challenges. 


How do I access the audit?:


Navigate to your ‘Sent Items’ folder in Outlook and open the message you want to track. The Mailock button in the top left of the window displays 'Email was secure' with a green tick, with a drop-down arrow if the message was sent securely, or grey if it was not. 


2023-06-12 14 08 48-1


If the email was sent securely, you can choose from the further options, as shown in the image above. 


To access audit information, choose the ‘Show access details’ option, and a box like the one pictured below will pop up:


2023-06-12 14 14 01-1


You will be able to see the recipients' email address, the date and time the email you sent the message and if it has been opened (if at all), the method used to secure the message and if there were any failed attempts at completing the authentication challenges. You can see a breakdown of which attachments have been opened by clicking on 'Details'. 


This is also where you can manage whether you want to revoke or return access to the secure email that you have sent. To learn more about this, you can read our guide on how and why to revoke an email.


In addition to the audit capabilities, you will also receive a notification email when your recipient opens your email, or when a message is revoked due to the recipient failing the security challenge. The notification email will look something like this: