Using Google Authenticator for 2FA

The following guide runs though the steps to set up 2FA using the Google Authenticator app. If you haven't done already please check out the introduction to setting up 2FA by clicking here before you continue with this guide.


Google Authenticator 


If you have an Android device you'll be see a screen like the one below for Google Play...




If you have an iOS device you'll see a screen like the one below for the Apple App Store...




Select to 'Install' to download the application onto your device

Once the application has downloaded, open it and select 'Get Started'. If you already have this authenticator installed you'll need to select the add '+' option at the bottom right.




Select 'Scan QR code'




Scan the QR code on the 'Set up 2FA' page, like our example below:




You'll next see your authenticator listed and a verification code will be displayed on your device.




Enter the verification code provided and select to 'Test'




You should then see a screen, like the one below, where 10 new recovery codes generated.


Save a copy of these codes and store them somewhere safe. If you lose access to your authenticator app, you can use your single use recovery codes to sign in to your account.

Please note: without these codes you may lose access to your account.





On going back to the Two-factor authentication tab, you should then see your device has been added:




Your account is now set up for 2FA and on signing into your Mailock account at any time, you'll be prompted to authenticate with 2FA.