How to Turn On Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Use Two-factor authentication as additional security to protect your account.

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is a two step process used to verify a user's identity. 2FA goes a step further than asking for a single method of identity, such as entering a password, therefore dialling up the level of security on accessing your account. 


You can now use 2FA as an additional security layer to protect your Mailock account.


If you've turned on 2FA already and would like some help signing in, click here


Switching on 2FA


You can switch on 2FA from your account profile screen, which you can get to here


Select '2FA':





Followed by 'Setup 2FA'




You should then see the 'Set up 2FA' page, like our example below.




Set up 2FA 


1. To start off with, you'll need to download a two-factor authenticator app. You can use any authenticator app of your choice.


We've added some links below to a couple of guides for the Microsoft and Google Authenticator apps, if you'd like to use one of those:


Microsoft Authenticator

Google Authenticator


The above guides run through the end to end process including the next few steps in detail.


2. The next step is to use your authenticator app to scan the QR code generated within your 'Set up 2FA' screen.


3. Lastly, you'll be entering the code generated on your authenticator app within your 'Set up 2FA' screen and selecting 'Test'


Next you'll see a screen containing your recovery codes.


Save a copy of these codes and store them somewhere safe. If you lose access to your authenticator app, you can use your single use recovery codes to sign in to your account.

Please note, without these codes you may lose access to your account.


On returning to the initial '2FA' screen you'll see your device has been added


If you've already set up 2FA and need to change your authentication device listed or would like some assistance switching off 2FA, click here