Why Should I Use the Mailock Outlook Add-In?

Reading a secure email via the Outlook add in

Reading a Mailock Secure email Via the Outlook add in

We recommend all Microsoft Outlook desktop users download the Mailock Add-in for the richest user experience and to get the most out of your Mailock subscription. 


The Outlook Add-in integrates seamlessly with your normal Outlook application, enabling a smoother and easier process for opening and sending secure emails. Better yet, it’s free!


With the Add-In, you can also access features that are unavailable on Mailock web, including:

  • Audit- View delivery details, such as when the message was read and how many failed challenge attempts there were. 
  • Revoke- Remove a recipient’s access to a secure email you have sent.  
  • Triggered words- 


To take a look at some of these features in action, check out our ‘Getting to Know the Outlook Ribbon’ guide.


The Mailock Outlook Add-in is free and can be downloaded from the Mailock website.