Mailock Account Changes

Some of the features available in the Business Premium subscription have been extended to Personal Basic subscribers to promote usage of the Mailock system and these features are being withdrawn from the Personal Basic subscription option on 22nd July 2019.

If you only use Mailock to read messages sent to you and to reply securely through our website then nothing is changing. This is, and always will be, free.

If, however, you’ve been using any of our other features, such as the Outlook Add-in, then you will find that you are no longer able to use them without upgrading to a Business Premium account.

Upgrading gives you the following benefits:

Personal Basic Business Premium
Read and reply securely
Compose and send new secure emails
Track message delivery
Add identity challenges to your outgoing messages to ensure they are only read by the intended recipient
Read and compose secure emails from within Outlook using our Mailock Add-in
Revoke messages sent in error (Mailock Add-in for Outlook only)
Access to a Company Administration portal allowing you to:
  • Add your branding to the notification messages sent to your recipients
  • Set up trigger words which, when detected in outgoing emails, asks the sender if they would like to send the message securely (Mailock Add-in for Outlook only)
  • Use shared mailboxes
  • Manage other Mailock users in your company

To discover more about our Business Premium upgrade, or to upgrade your Personal Basic subscription to a Business Premium subscription, please click here or use one of the links in the Mailock system.