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What is Mailock?

Consider when someone sends you a postcard - it’s possible that anyone who sees it along its journey to your door could read it. An email works in a similar way. It’s a little harder for people to catch when it’s coming to your inbox but if they do, the email, and it’s attachments, can be read easily.

Of course, if your postcard was private you could put it in an envelope and even send it by courier but if it fell into the wrong hands the message is still easy to read. This is where emails have the advantage. It’s possible to change the message, including the attachments, into a form which can only be read by the people it was sent to. If anyone catches it while its going through the internet they cannot read it – your privacy is secured!

So how is it possible to change your emails like this? That’s where Mailock steps in. When you want to send a private message Mailock takes it and converts, or encrypts, it before it’s sent. Your recipient will get an email telling them they’ve got a secure email and gives them a link to our secure website where it can be read.

For the technically minded it's called end-to-end encryption. The message is encrypted on the senders device before being sent and is only decrypted on the recipient's device when they read it.

But if its easy for the recipient to read it, what happens if it's accidentally sent to the wrong recipient? Mailock adds in an extra layer of security to make sure the person reading your message is the person you wanted. When sending an email Mailock asks you for a security question and answer, which the recipient will be asked before they can read it. Use a question that only your recipient knows and you can be sure that even if the message incorrectly arrives in someone's inbox who it wasn't meant for then it remains unreadable.

Mailock comes through our secure website or as an add-in to Outlook for Business Premium account holders.