Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enforce 2FA for your owners and administrators when accessing the Company Admin portal

The 'Two-Factor Authentication' (2FA) tab within 'Company Settings' provides the opportunity to enforce 2FA for your company owner and administrator accounts when they're logging into the Company Admin portal, adding an additional security layer.


To enable this feature for your company Mailock owner and administrator users, please navigate to the Company Admin portal, the portal can be found here


You can sign-in with the same credentials that you used to sign up with during the registration process for Mailock. Only users configured with company owner or company administrator privileges are granted access to the portal.


Once signed in, select 'Company Settings' and then the 'Two-Factor Authentication' tab.


Here you'll see a screen like the one below:




Select the ‘Enforce 2FA’ to turn it on – the button slides to the left and shows ‘ON’:




With 'Enforce 2FA' switched on all company owners and administrators will now need to use 2FA to sign in into the Company Admin portal.


There is also a handy link on this page to connect to set up 2FA on your Mailock account, for this select 'Configure 2FA for your account'.


If you would like to switch 2FA off again for your company owners and administrators for the Company Admin portal, click on the same button to turn it off (so that ‘OFF’ is shown):