Mailock user top tips

7 tips to using Mailock for your secure communications

Our top tips highlight some of the most useful features Mailock brings, including everything the Outlook add-in can do for you, to ensure your business is getting the most out of your secure email investment.


The Mailock Pro licence allows your recipients to reply to the secure emails you send them, for free! A very useful feature when you need to request sensitive data from a client as part of an ongoing transaction. All they need to do is follow the sign-up prompt when receiving their first Mailock powered message from you. Additionally, free accounts now have the option to send a limited number of new secure emails. A template email, if needed for your customer initial communications. can be found here


Signing up for a free account doesn’t just allow your clients to reply securely, it will also remove the need for you to send them any further authentication challenges, as they will be added to your ‘trusted community’


If you are using Microsoft Office, you will most likely have access to Outlook as well. You can link any web-based emails – for example, Gmail – to Outlook, allowing you to install and utilise the Mailock Outlook Add-in


The Outlook add-in adds a host of other features to your Mailock experience, including a full audit trail of your secure emails (see message tracking) such as the date and time your emails were opened, plus how many failed attempts there were when trying to access the secure message contents. 


Did you know that data breaches often occur due to emails being inadvertently sent to the wrong person? With the Outlook add-in, you can revoke a recipient’s access to the contents of a secure email. 


Do you or your team keep forgetting to send your message securely? You can configure a list of ‘trigger words' that, if they appear in a users’ outbound messages, solicits a ‘nudge’ asking if you would like to send the email securely. You can configure your list of trigger words in the Mailock admin console


Whilst you are in the admin console, don’t forget to upload your company’s branding. This means it will appear on your client’s notification email when they receive a secure message from you. By using your company’s branding, you will promote your business's intent to keep client data secure.