Using a Web Browser to Send Messages with Mailock

Send Encrypted Emails On The Web

If you can’t use the Outlook Add-in you can still use Mailock through a web browser. Free users can read Mailock messages, reply securely and currently compose up to 5 new secure emails per month. Pro/Premium users can create unlimited new messages, which carry any branding you create in Company Admin.


To send a secure message:


Visit and click on the ‘Sign in’ link at the top right and sign in:





You can also go directly from this link or visit our secure mail site, clicking on ‘Sign In’ at the top right and then ‘Compose’ (which appears in the top menu once you’ve signed in).


The compose screen looks like this: 




A) The ‘From:’ field displays the primary email address of your account by default but you can change it to any of the others addresses you have linked, if you’d like the email to look as if it’s come from them instead

B) Enter the email address of your recipient. If you want to send it to more than one person just put a ; between each one

C) Add a subject title for your email

D) Add any attachments, which will also be sent securely, in this area. Either click in the box and locate your file, or drag your attachment to this box and drop it

E) Type your message

F) By default a copy of the message will be sent securely to the inbox of your email address for your records. If you don’t want to receive a copy untick this box

G) When you’re ready, click on ‘Send’


A key step in securing your message is adding a challenge question and answer. This verifies the recipient’s identity and as such should be something known to just you and your recipient. Using information which is easily available through other sources such as social media, or general knowledge questions such as ‘What day of the week is it?’ weaken the security of your message. For further challenge question and answer tips, please click here


Why is this step necessary? Imagine someone has access to your recipient’s mailbox – this extra step ensures they will still not be able to read your secure message. 


If you have recipient validation enabled you'll next see a screen like the one below:




So, if you haven't sent a secure message to your recipient before, you'll see:




If you have the recipient’s mobile number you can have Mailock send a code through which must be entered to open the message – just choose ‘Send authentication code via text message’ instead.


Once your message is sent, you'll see confirmation, like the screen below:




Once a registered recipient has successfully answered the challenge question they are added to your trusted community of verified recipients. This means the challenge is no longer needed on future messages, but you always have the option if you want to increase the security level of an email. You will always require a challenge when sending a secure message to unregistered users as they don’t have a confirmed account to add to your community. For this reason, it’s worth asking your recipients to sign up for a free account if you plan on sending them more than a few emails. The easiest way to do this is for them to reply to your message and they’ll be guided through the process.


 To see what the recipient sees when you send a message, take a look here.