Using a web browser to send messages with Mailock

Visit our secure mail site, and click on ‘Sign In’ at the top left.

This will take you to the compose page where you can start creating your secure message: 

1) The "From:" field will show your main email address by default, but you can switch it to any other linked address if you want the email to appear as if it's coming from them instead

2) Enter the email address of your recipient. If you want to send it to more than one person just put a ; between each one
3) Add a subject title for your email
4) Add attachments securely by clicking or dragging files to this area
5) Compose your message by typing, pasting text, adding images, or using the toolbar for formatting
6) By default, a copy of the message will be securely sent to your email inbox for your records.  Untick the box if you don't want to receive a copy

7) When you’re ready, click on ‘Send’


If you are  a Pro user and  have recipient validation enabled you'll next see a screen like the one below:


Click here to find out more about recipient validation


If you haven't sent a secure message to your recipient before, you'll see:


 For further information on challenge question and answer click here

Pro users who have the recipient's mobile number can opt to send a code via text message.  Simply select 'Send authentication code via text message' as an alternative method.

For further information on Trusted Communities click here 


After sending your message, you'll see the following:


 To see what the recipient sees when you send a message, take a look here.