What does the recipient see when I send them a secure message?

When you send a secure message using Mailock there are several different ways the recipient will read it, depending on:

  • options you choose when you’re sending the message
  • whether they have signed up for an account with us
  • whether they are part of your trusted community 
  • if they are using our Mailock add-in for Outlook


Let’s start by looking at your send options.

When you send a message using Mailock a check is made to see if the recipient is part of your trusted community. If they’re not you will be asked to set a challenge question. Depending on if you’re sending via our secure website, or using our Outlook add-in you’ll see:



Outlook add-in


To secure your message, you can choose to either include a challenge question and answer or opt for Mailock to send an authentication code via text message.


Tip: Even if a recipient is part of your trusted community, you can still add a challenge if you want to ‘dial up’ the level of security on a message. When sending a message, you will be informed that adding a challenge is optional, but you have the choice to include one if you wish.


Your recipients will follow slightly different steps to open their message depending on what method you chose to secure your email:

If your recipient has signed up for a free Mailock account they'll be asked to sign in, rather than complete an email verification step.